There have never been greater,
more diverse, more lucrative opportunities
for everyone - very experienced,
successful entrepreneurs to rank beginners -
in the field of Information Marketing.

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Welcome, I’m Robert Skrob, the President of the Information Marketing Association. I’m here to introduce you to the lucrative field of information marketing.

Over the last 17 years I’ve marketed products, newsletters, and seminars to 32 different business and professional occupations. I generate millions of dollars a year in subscription income and meeting registrations each year.

Since 2004 I’ve had the honor of serving as President of the Information Marketing Association, the trade association for our industry. Each month, the Info-Marketing Each month, I produce a Jump Start Coaching call for beginners and an advanced Best Practices in Information Marketing program for experienced info-marketers. This gives me access to what’s working in the information marketing business today, in addition to innovations from my own business.

The information on this site is the result of hundreds of conversations to find out what beginning info-marketers need to launch their business and get started quickly. You will find the step-by-step start-up of your information marketing business.

What Information Marketing is and
How You Can Make Money

CD and Book 'Information Marketing' is responsive to and fueled by the ever-increasing pressure on peoples' time, so that businesspeople and consumers alike need information provided to them in convenient forms, and, in some cases, need an extension of it; methods and strategies that might merely have been taught to them 10 years ago now done for them. The 'Information Industry' encompasses products like traditional books, audio programs, video or DVD's which you might buy in a store, from a catalog or online, magazines, newsletters, e-books, membership web sites, teleseminars and webinars, telecoaching programs, and seminars and conferences, and combinations thereof. The possible topics are almost endless. People are buying information on every imaginable topic, from better sex, to teaching parrots to talk, to gardening, to investing in real estate foreclosures, to running businesses. 'Information Marketing', then, is about identifying a responsive market with high interest in a particular group of topics and expertise, packaging information products and services matching that interest (written/assembled by you or by others or both), and devising ways to sell and deliver it. If you can name it, somebody is packaging and profitably selling information about it.

The Information Marketing Association is made up of info-marketers from around the world who are packaging and selling information in a variety of categories. But what's important for you is that much of this is lone wolf, small, quiet operators, many headquartered within a home office, most with zero to no more than a few employees, most working only part-time hours, and most netting 7- figure profits.

No other business offers you the kinds of fascinating and lucrative opportunities as information marketing does.

You can pursue things that interest you; travel or not as you please—but if you please, legitimately make it tax-deductible; operate globally from your kitchen table; and place yourself in the top 1% income earners’ club in as short a time as one year.

You can become a celebrity or remain anonymous as you prefer.

You can begin humbly or audaciously. Book co-author Dan Kennedy started studying information marketing 30 years ago. The person he began studying created his info-business by selling a $5.00 booklet (about ridding your garden of gophers) via tiny classified ads in rural newspapers and farm magazines.

You can work when you please, where you please, as you please. You can have some employees, lots of employees, or no employees. You can outsource whatever you aren’t good at or interested in. You can personally interact with your customers through tele-seminars, seminars, or coaching programs, or you can make millions without ever meeting a single one of your customers face to face. I could go on with this long list of flexibility.

The point is this: You make the rules, you bend this business to your preferences, and you need sacrifice nothing for enormous financial success.

Take the next step into a unique world virtually unknown to the general public, where entrepreneuers build businesses by selling paper, audio CDs and teleseminars.

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Your Shortcut to
Making Money From Your Information

Startup: Start Your Own Information Marketing Business: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success Working together with the experts at Entrepreneur Press, publisher of the popular Entrepreneur Magazine, I created a step by step manual on jumpstarting your information marketing business. It’s called, Start Your Own Information Marketing Business.

The information in this book is the result of hundreds of conversations to find out what beginning info-marketers need to launch their business and get started quickly. The book you are holding walks you step-by-step, through the start-up of your information marketing business. It’s arranged in order so you can create your business as you proceed through the book from incorporating your company to delegating the work necessary to launch your business quickly.

Also, within this book you learn everything you need to know to prevent mistakes. This book is a launch guide for your business.

Rather than limit this book to my experience and my knowledge, this book also features several successful case studies so you can see how these principals work in action, in the real world.

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Chapter 1 Escape Hours for Dollars: Do the Work Once and Get Paid Many Times

  • Stacking revenue streams for increased revenue without increasing work
  • The six ways the info-marketing business will give you freedom in your life

Chapter 2 Eliminating the Fog and Clarifying Your Target

  • How to reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts
  • The three key markets you have to choose from when selling info-marketing products
  • The key factors that determine which market is the best for your business

Chapter 3 How to Get Paid to Create Your First Info-Marketing Product

  • The easiest way to launch a new info-marketing business and start making money today, before the sun goes down
  • The easy steps to follow to create your first marketing materials
  • Pricing your first program to maximize your sales

Chapter 4 - The Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Program Your Customers Eagerly Buy

  • How to go from a blank page to get started quickly and easily
  • The important elements to consider as you develop your program to maximize attendance and sales
  • Clear examples of exactly what you are trying to create, to speed up your implementation

Chapter 5 Using Experts to Supply Your Content for FREE

  • How to launch your business now, even if you can’t provide all the answers yourself
  • What guest experts want before they’ll agree to help you with your business
  • Where to find the best experts who will generate registrations for your programs

Chapter 6 The Secret to Creating Great Marketing that Makes Customers Want to Buy

  • The single most important factor in increasing the effectiveness of all your marketing
  • A clear before and after example to demonstrate the difference between effective marketing and words that get ignored
  • The secret a lot of marketers see but never figure out that looks like extra work but proves to be the most productive thing you can do

Chapter 7 Technology Challenges Solved

  • The best vendors to get started quickly with the fewest hassles
  • Systems that make it easier for your customer to pay and that help you maximize sales
  • The tool that will allow customers to buy from you 24/7 and help you follow up effortlessly

Chapter 8 Inspiring Your Registrants to Attend

  • A registration isn’t the same as a show-up; how to get your customers engaged and excited
  • Making it easy for your buyers to take implement the solutions they purchased
  • Specific samples that will speed up your effective implementation

Chapter 9 Presentation Secrets that Grab Attention and Keep Your Customers Engaged

  • Quick secrets of making your presentations engaging, leaving your customers begging for more
  • How to satisfy your customers without overwhelming them
  • Making your product more effective for your customers by making it easier to implement

Chapter 10 Shortcut to Turning Your Teleseminar into an Information Product

  • Quickly convert the tele-seminar series you deliver once into a product you can sell many times
  • Shortcuts to improving the perceived value of the product you deliver
  • Often forgotten details that help potential customers find you for many years

Chapter 11 How to Make It Really Big and Build a Long-Term Business

  • A different perspective on what it takes to succeed in the info-marketing business
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your efforts and get more done in the same amount of time
  • The essential calculations you must make to maximize your info-marketing business

Chapter 12 Creating Low-Maintenance, High-Profit Membership Programs

  • Make each sale the beginning of a series of revenue opportunities
  • Speed up your transition to the next phase of your business
  • Prevent the most common mistakes info-marketers make when they establish membership programs

Chapter 13 Protecting Your Info-Marketing Business

  • The tricks big international corporations use to minimize taxes and protect their assets that you can use for your own business
  • The essential factors you should consider no matter the size of your business
  • How the state of domicile can impact your legal rights

Chapter 14 Six Weeks to Success in the Info-Marketing Business

  • A step-by-step outline of what to focus on each week to quickly launch your profitable and sustainable info-marketing business

Chapter 15 These Are the Good Ole Days

  • Avoiding the top mistake most info-marketers naturally make
  • How to break through obstacles when they appear insurmountable
  • Build a business that leverages today’s realities and tomorrow’s trends into a long-term, profitable business

Within this book you have the accumulated knowledge of over 100 years in the information marketing business. You have the best secrets of 13 different experts.

Free Gift for Investing in this Book Today

As a thank you gift for investing in the Start Your Own Information Marketing Business book you’ll receive a 2-month trial membership in the Information Marketing Association.

During your free trial you’ll receive:

  • An issue of Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Info-Marketing Letter and Information Marketing Special Reports
  • Two Best Practices in Information Marketing teleseminars
  • Participate in two Jump Start Coaching Calls that allow you to get answers to your questions so you can get your info-business started and profitable quickly
  • Access to the IMA member site with the Info-Marketing Library, Best Practices Call archives, Jump Start call archives, content for your newsletters and the online member forum.
  • And a whole lot more…

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There are too many benefits for me to list here. With your investment in the Start Your Own Information Marketing Business book you are showing me you are a doer, that you are determined to grow an information marketing business.

Get a two-month FREE trial membership in the Information Marketing Association when you invest in this book today. Test drive every benefit; cancel at any time.

I agree that membership is easily worth that much, but such a fee would make it prohibitive for many info-marketers, and exclusionary. Our best interests are served by being the largest possible organization.. And I can bring more opportunities and better discounts to the table. So, my goal is to keep the dues as low as we possibly could and still deliver on everything promised (and a few more goodies not mentioned here, too).

Invest in the book Start Your Own Information Marketing Business today, and you will receive a special 2-Month Free Trial Membership in the Information Marketing Association. Your investment is only $9.95 with FREE shipping. You receive the book and 2-Months Free Membership.

Your investment is only $9.95 with FREE shipping. You receive the book and 2-Months Free Membership.

Decide for yourself. On the third month, you will be assessed membership dues of $99.00 per month ($109.00 for international members) and guaranteed NO dues increase for at least two full years. Of course, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Everything I have ever sold has a completely unconditional money-back guarantee. This is no exception, so here it is…

IMA’s Total Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
If at any time during the first 60 days, you aren’t completely satisfied with your IMA membership, with a simple request you can: 1. cancel your membership; and 2. receive a full refund of everything you have paid. No questions asked, no hassles.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Keep in mind, your monthly dues INCLUDE Dan’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter, the Best Practices and Jump Start Coaching calls, and the copyright-free content for your newsletters and products–each of these resources by themselves easily justifies these modest dues!

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What to do next? Get your book, of course!

Click the link below to grab your copy of the Start Your Own Information Marketing Business manual and receive a 2-month free trial membership in the Information Marketing Association as my gift to you.

You’ll get confirmation, a New Member Manual with everything you need to access all benefits and services, a Member Hotline number should you need to call, email instructions and your book shipped to you immediately.

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I’m looking forward to working with you.


Robert Skrob, President
Information Marketing Association

P.S.: An offer without a bonus? Impossible. Success coach, Lee Milteer, interviewed me on my philosophies of business success. It’s a fast-paced, funny and informative program that you’ll love. I’ll send you a copy as my gift with your purchase.

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